New and Used Japanese Forklift for Sale, Rent, and Lease.




In these days, we have some information of fraud e-mails which using our company's details.We believe that this would be sent by bad person, a swindler.They are using ours and other colleague's name, stock, etc to attract you.

Please DO NOT take any contact with them, or they will offer you false deal !!For your reference, please check the below;

(1)They wrote our staff's name, but they won't use Japanese language.Our staffs are 100% Japanese person, and may speak Japanese as usual.

(2)We don't have any office located on TOCHIGI, JAPAN.

(3)Our main bank is SHIZUOKA BANK only.We never use other bank of foreign country.

(4)Fraud e-mail wrotes wrong telephone and FAX number.Please check our website and confirm the correct number to make sure.

(5)We never use G-mail address ( for taking contact.Please check the received e-mail address.

We DO NOT accept any claims or responsibility regarding this matter and causes.For your own safety, please mind about these cautions.

About us

Since 1980, Kensanki Co.,Ltd. have been performing to sell / purchase, repair service and rental / lease brand-new and used of construction machine, forklift, distribution equipment etc to domestic in Japan and overseas countries.

Rent and Lease Forklift

To reduce the cost, rent and lease trucks are also available which is being satisfactory from numerous customer.


Service staff have huge experience and excellent job, they can visit to customer if emergency case.

Purchace Construction Equipment and Forklift

We are purchasing almost in Japan, but also from overseas. Please contact us if you have.

Exporting used Forklift

We are exporting forklift truck etc from Shimizu port base to Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa market and duly importing relative parts from Asian countries recently due to high appreciation of Japanese Yen.


Main Office

Address 337 Echigojima, Yaizu-city, Shizuoka-ken, 425-0092, Japan
Phone +81-54-621-5005 Fax +81-54-626-6152

Fujieda Exhibition

Address 611-1, Shimodoma, Fujieda-city, Shizuoka-ken, 426-0003, Japan
Main Office
Fujieda Exhibition

Contact us

By Phone

Business hour is from 10 a.m to 5 p.m on Japan time.

By Web contact form

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